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Become a Teton Bagel, Co. Franchisee to join a growing business, have pride in clean, fresh food and help improve your community. We will be there to help you the along the way.


Joining the Teton Bagel team will help us to keep growing what we have started and be rewarded for your efforts. While you will be rewarded for your efforts, this is also a full-time commitment leading a successful and efficient team to create amazing food. You may often find yourself working with a younger staff; but if properly led, can create an amazing and fun team environment. 

Minimum Requirements

The Teton Bagel Franchise opportunity is for those passionate about entrepreneurship, leading others and having a mindset driven for success. We require basic minimums to ensure that you would be a qualified franchisee. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee that you will be selected as a franchisee.  

Legal Right: You must be legally able to own and operate a business in the United States

Investment: You must be able to cover the initial franchise fee from non-gifted or borrowed funds. 

Financial History: You must have no history of bankruptcy 

Commitment: You must be able to commit your time and energy to running a Teton Bagel location

Dedication: You must ensure that your time will be focused on the success of your location and not as a passive income

Experience: You must provide experience in the industry 

Leadership: You must have led a team and show evidence of success with that team

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